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    PLAYR Smart GPS

    $ 199.99

    GPS Vest and App to Track and Improve Your Game

    • FIFA authorized wearable GPS tracker designed to analyze and improve soccer performance.
    • Transform your preparation, performance, and recovery with expertise on training and nutrition from the Premier League coaches behind our in-app SmartCoach.
    • Detailing speed, sprint, distance, power, load & intensity data, and positioning via heatmaps, our technology gives you a total understanding of your game.
    • Compare your numbers against friends, the competition, and professional players to see how you match up.
    • Set up a Squad and invite your coach to monitor the team’s performance via the free PLAYR app, without them needing to own a device.

    The beautiful game just got smarter – PLAYR is the only system that measures your speed, distance, and positional heat map; tailors professional coaching to your game; and transforms your preparation, performance, and recovery via the SmartCoach system and SQUAD app.

    Designed for players wanting to train and play like a professional, PLAYR tracks every movement you make on the field and then gives you expertise from renowned Premier League coaches. From the perfect training exercise to post-match meal, the SmartCoach system gives you the necessary advice off the pitch to transform your game on it. Compare your performance to friends, the community and professional players, while you can benchmark and track your data throughout a season.

    Breathable, lightweight vest based. The fabric is not only easily cared for but also stretch fit and retains shape with an ergonomically designed pocket holding the SmartPod between the shoulder.

    Small, lightweight and charged wirelessly pod and charging dock. The SmartPod combines GPS and sports tracking advancements to give you an absolute understanding of your game. Measures 3.5″ L x 1.75″ w x 0.5″ .

    SmartCoach App Download
    From what you eat, all the way through to schedule management and exercise, the SmartCoach app uses advice from Premier League coaches to ensure your preparation, performance and recovery is similar to that of a professional players. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

    Tracker measures 3.5″ L x 1.75″ w x 0.5″ .

    SQUAD App Download
    A player can now set up a Squad in their PLAYR app and monitor their own stats against team-mates or friends, as well as the existing community and Pro numbers. Coaches can download the free PLAYR app and create or join a Squad to monitor its players’ development; reviewing the workload of their players in matches and training sessions, and suggesting tactical improvements based on evaluating the heatmaps.

    ● 1250 data points per second
    ● 10Hz GPS
    ● Accurate to 100cm
    ● Weather resistant
    ● Five-hour battery life (two month on standby)
    ● Self-activated recording
    ● Bluetooth synchronisation
    ● 4GB storage
    ● Two hour charge time
    ● Lithium-ion battery
    PLAYR connects with the following iOS or Android devices:
    ● iOS: 10.0 or later. Android: 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. Support for Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

    FIFA approved. Trust Pilot certified.


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