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    NAKED BCAAs Amino Acids Powder

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    ● 100 SERVINGS OF PURE BCAAs – 5g of Vegan BCAA powder per serving with 3-5x more servings per container than the top competitors. Our BCAA supplement is the highest pharmaceutical grade, fastest dissolving, and rapidly absorbed on the market.
    ● THE PERFECT FORMULA – Our 2:1:1 formula is the best BCAA supplement ratio for pre-workout BCAA energy and post-workout recovery, providing 2.5g l-leucine, 1.25g l-isoleucine and 1.25g l-valine amino acid in amounts studies show to be the most effective formulation.
    ● BUILD MUSCLE AND BURN FAT – Amino acids BCAA supplements have been shown to help increase lean muscle mass. Working out with the optimum BCAA balance will increase protein synthesis.
    ● PERFORM BETTER – Leucine, isoleucine and valine play an essential role because they have been shown to help prevent protein catabolism. BCAA for women and men metabolize in skeletal muscle, which means your body is able to break them down quickly for energy to help you perform better during workouts.
    ● ASSIST WITH MUSCLE REPAIR & RECOVERY – Branch Chain Amino Acids are the key amino acids necessary to help rebuild lean muscle and reduce soreness after a workout.


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