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    Smart Jump Rope

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    Brand Name: Xiaomi
    Department Name: unisex
    Origin: CN(Origin)
    Model Number: FED
    Type: Bearing Skip Rope
    Material: aluminium alloy
    Length: 3 m (Personal)
    Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
    Release Date: 2020
    Adjustable length: Yes
    Handle size: 163.5mm*16mm
    Rope size: 3m*2.5mm
    Product Category: Comprehensive Training
    Handle material: Aluminum alloy silicone
    Rope material: PVC and steel wire

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    FED skipping rope Main Feature
    *Self-locking design, easy to adjust and safe
    *Double-bearing technology, smooth to use without lag
    *Silicone is non-slip, stable and non-slip
    *The wire rope body has a stable center of gravity during use and is not easy to knot

    Product Descriptions

    Double bearings can adjust racing wire skipping rope
    Say goodbye to traditional skipping rope, jump out of new vitality
    Self-locking to prevent falling off, smooth and flexible,
    non-slip handle, fitness and fat reduction
    Jump up and enjoy the fun of jumping
    The shoulders are relaxed, the waist and abdomen are tightened,
    the wrists are exerted, and the toes are on the ground. tookfun
    Simple rope skipping exercise is paired with a high-quality rope skipping tool.
    The FED double bearing can adjust the racing steel wire skipping rope,
    so that happiness and fitness can reduce fat together.
    Self-locking design, easy to adjust and safe
    The two ends of the skipping rope have a self-locking design,
    which is convenient to adjust the length. Please fix the two ends of the skipping rope by sing,
    so you are not afraid of falling off and jumping with peace of mind.
    Double-bearing technology, smooth to use without lag
    The rope skipping grip is implanted with double steel ball bearings,
    so it has obtained a practical new patent,  tookfun
    which is very flexible and convenient to use,
    and increases the rope skipping experience.
    Innovative upgrade, self-locking design
    Installation in one step, no cumbersome steps
    Integrated design, double bearing technology
    The rope skipping handle has built-in high smoothness,
    integrated steel ball, double-bearing high-speed running without jams,
    very smooth, and will not wind the rope. tookfun
    The length can be adjusted flexibly,
    and the length of the rope can be customized
    The skipping rope can be stored inside the handle,
    eliminating the cumbersome steps of traditional skipping adjustment.
    Silicone is non-slip, stable and non-slip
    The silicone grip design is comfortable and non-slip,
    strengthens the grip and prevents you from getting off your hands when using it,
    allowing you to achieve a better state of exercise.
    The wire rope body has a stable center of gravity during use and is not easy to knot
    Built-in wire rope knots, outsourcing PVC material jacket,
    when using, the center of gravity is stable, not easy to knot.
    Long-lasting wear-resistant, more assured protection
    The product is equipped with a protective cover to protect the skipping rope,
    which is inserted into the steel wire rope body, which is more durable.
    Use in multiple scenarios to meet your various requirements.
    Fitness expert, essential for fat loss
    Speed racing, more professional.
    Family outdoor sports, enjoy jumping
    Weight 0.26 kg
    Dimensions 17.0 × 16.0 × 5.0 cm


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