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    Canadian Protein Organic Brown Rice Protein

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    ● 24g of PROTEIN – The proteins found in grains of brown rice are isolated, filtered, and processed, until all that is left is a high in protein shake that is ideal for anybody looking to increase their protein consumption. Brown rice contains natural proteins and starches, just like white rice. The added benefit associated with brown rice however, is that it is rich in numerous other healthy ingredients as well, including vitamins and minerals
    ● VEGAN – Organic brown rice protein is an incredibly popular protein supplement, particularly for people who suffer from food allergies and/or refuse to consume any form of produce that has been derived from an animal
    ● MUSCLE GROWTH – When we exercise and lift weights, our existing muscle tissue is actually damaged and broken down. In order for the body to repair and rebuild it, it needs access to proteins and amino acids. Brown rice protein provides plenty of both, allowing the body to initiate protein synthesis, and begin to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue
    ● SLOW RELEASE – Brown rice protein is a slow release protein that is broken down and absorbed by the body much slower than other proteins. For this reason, it is ideal when combined with a quicker releasing protein, and it is also perfect for consuming right before bed, in order to keep your body in a constant anabolic state as you sleep
    ● NUTRIENT RICH – Another great benefit associated with brown rice protein is the fact that it is packed full of healthy and beneficial nutrients, that the body absolutely thrives upon. Brown rice protein is rich in dietary fibre, that can improve digestion, and can help suppress the appetite. It is also rich in B vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system, and provide numerous other health benefits in the process


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